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Jobs & The economy 

Coloradans are hard workers. Still, as we bear witness to an ever changing and increasingly competitive job market, many willing to work can’t find and employment, and those that are employed aren’t earning enough to survive. The creation and retention of good paying jobs is a top priority of mine, and there are several ways we can tackle the issue: 

  • Across Colorado, we are seeing a lack of skilled workers. Investing in job training opportunities means creating more jobs. This is especially true for those without four year degrees and for our veterans returning home from their service.

  • State contracts should prioritize Colorado companies so that we can keep our tax dollars and jobs right here in Colorado, instead of shipping them to other states or overseas.

  • We need to work together to address the issue of wage stagnation. Everyone that works hard at a full time job should be able to afford to support themselves and their family.


Our children deserve the very best we can provide. Last session, I worked hard with my colleagues to secure over $1 billion in new funding for our public schools. Here's what we need to work on next:

  • We need to fight against irresponsible cuts to public education and against unfunded mandates at the Capitol.

  • Reducing class sizes will ensure each student can get the unique attention they need from their teachers. This way, all of kids will be better equipped for a bright future.

  • Increasing teacher wages will ensure we are gaining and retaining the best teachers.

  • Parents should have the freedom to choose how they want to educate their children, whether that be public school, private school, charter school, or homeschooling. However, public funds should not be taken from our public schools to fund alternative education options.

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Colorado is a growing, opportunistic state that is attracting more and more new residents each year. As such, it’s taking some of our community members twice, even three times, as long to get to and from work each day. The increased traffic is also increasing the wear and tear on our roads. The county and city cannot forget about South East Colorado Springs when considering infrastructure improvements. We need:

  • improved roads, bridges, and sidewalks.

  • investment in other infrastructure projects like parks and other public spaces.

  • to prioritize Colorado companies when conducting state-contracted infrastructure projects.


Health care

Every Coloradan should have access to high-quality affordable healthcare, without worry about how they’ll pay for a prescription or necessary appointment. While we've made some progress, there is still much work to be done. Last session, I cosigned a bill that increased access to services for persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Going forward, here are some of the healthcare issues we face:

  • The Colorado Health Exchange is free market based solution that makes insurance companies compete against each other for your healthcare dollar, driving prices down and driving access and quality up. Many of our community members qualify for a healthcare subsidy through this marketplace, and its benefits are worth protecting.

  • Healthcare issues are also linked to wage stagnation. A higher wage would allow people to afford better healthcare while allowing extra funds for other necessary goods.



Our veterans worked hard and risked their lives to protect our freedom. The seniors in our communities have worked hard their entire lives, supporting families and contributing to our community and our economy. Now, it’s our responsibility to work hard for them. Together, we can achieve:

  • Reduced college tuition benefits for veterans.

  • Tax breaks for local small businesses that hire returning veterans.

  • An end to predatory lenders who target service members, veterans, and seniors.

  • The assurance that seniors in our community can live safe, healthy, independent lives, with access to safety net services when they need them.

  • An end to irresponsible cuts to Medicare.


Colorado’s public lands are beautiful, beneficial, and worth protecting. Here in Colorado Springs, we enjoy hiking trails on Pikes Peak, as well as spending time in green community spaces like public parks. I have a 100% lifetime score from Conservation Colorado and I look forward to continuing to make our communities healthier for our families and for our planet. Here’s what’s next:

  • Investment in renewable energy. More renewable energy options means more than a healthier environment, it means more good paying jobs for the people in our community.

  • Protecting public lands from the threat of privatization and misuse.

  • Fully funding the Colorado Water Plan so we can preserve this precious resource to ensure our children and their children have clean water to drink.