About Tony

Tony is a retired firefighter, a volunteer basketball coach, and a community advocate--championing the needs of working families both in the community and at the Capitol. 

After growing up experiencing the reality of Colorado's rising income inequality, Tony has dedicated his life to fighting for the health, safety, and success of his home town. From running into burning buildings, to passing legislation ensuring that every child gets to start school on a full stomach, public service has been the driving motivation behind Tony’s entire adult life. 

First elected in 2012, Tony has fought tirelessly for our district--protecting rent and heating assistance for low-income seniors, cutting property taxes on small businesses and homeowners, and expanding vocational/apprenticeship programs so every kid has the opportunity to earn a good living.  

Tony understands that we need an economy that works for everyone, not just wealthy few. He believes that huge tax cuts for corporations leaves working folks with the bill. It's time we invest in and support everyday Coloradans instead of allowing the top 1% dictate our tax code. He will fight to make sure Colorado tax dollars are creating Colorado jobs that can’t be outsourced.

As our representative, Tony will continue to carry our voice, our values, and our priorities to the Colorado State House to help working families succeed, create opportunity for our children, and invest in moving Colorado forward. 

Colorado Springs deserves a working class leader that understands the needs of our community.
— Tony Exum

What We can Achieve Together

  • Protections and programs for our returning veterans, such as reduced tuition costs and tax breaks to businesses that hire veterans

  • Schools that offer small class sizes, personalized learning, proper educational resources, and well paid teachers

  • Access to affordable healthcare so that no family has to choose between seeing a doctor or paying for life's other necessities

  • Job training programs that address our need for more skilled workers

  • Quality drinking water and safe air to breathe through investment in environmentally friendly infrastructure projects

  • Improved infrastructure including roads, side walks, bridges, and community spaces.

  • Protections for PERA recipients and those who live on Medicare and Social Security

  • Safer communities through ensuring we have functioning streetlights, clean streets, and funding for police and firefighters